The Ostreko Family

Long hospital stays and weeks away from home is not foreign to the Ostreko family. When their son Jack required medical attention for a heart condition, they were fortunate enough to have family nearby and the financial means to cover the treatment. However they know that is not the reality for everyone. Throughout their hospital stay, they encountered many families who depended on the RMHC for basic needs such as food and a comfortable place to sleep with clean sheets and pillows.

Katie Ostreko commented, “You never know when a medical situation could impact you or someone in your family. All the medical stuff can be so difficult to deal with. It’s really nice to have a place to go that provides comfort and relief from the hospital atmosphere. It’s great to have a place where you can relate to other families going through something similar. That’s what RMHC offers.”

The Ostreko Family is grateful for the support that the Ronald McDonald House Charities provides to families in need. This led them to support RMHC monthly through the monthly donor program. “We see the benefit that RMHC gives to families. We know what it’s like to worry about the health of your child” shared Katie.

RMHC West Michigan is so grateful for the Ostreko family and all that they do to support the House. They always step up in times of need, even when it comes to unplanned costs, and we are so thankful for their generosity in helping to ensure the sustainability of the House. Their help is invaluable, and we are thankful for their commitment to helping those in need.