Met With Open Arms – The Witte Family

Bringing home a baby from the hospital is scary and overwhelming for any parent but when your child is born ten weeks early, the overwhelm can reach a new level. Liam was born at 30 weeks gestation, weighing in at only 2lbs 10.7oz. Because of his size, he required immediate support for both breathing and feeding which led him to a long (60+ day) stay at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately his parents could not stay at the hospital this entire time which would mean commuting back and forth every day. Thankfully, RMHWM was able to help.

“When we were discharged from Spectrum, we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t feel comfortable being at home and trying to commute with his respiratory issues. RMHWM is a charity we knew about and never thought we’d need, but they opened their doors to us.” shares Kyle, Liam’s father. “We were met with open arms and compassion. We felt like family the minute we walked in.”

The staff at RMHWM feel honored to provide care and comfort to the Witte Family during this process. We are pleased to share that the family is doing well and Liam continues to get stronger every day.